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Hi, I’m Nicole from Low Income Relief.

In 2016, I launched Low Income Relief with the goal of helping low income people across America save money and make ends meet. This project quickly grew and became a nationwide phenomenon that has helped millions of people.

Get Help Map is our latest attempt to make this information more accessible to those who need it most. We are developing detailed resource maps for all 50 states, which will be continuously monitored and reviewed by a dedicated fact-checking team for accuracy.

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How can I save money and get free stuff?

Great question! We are constantly looking for ways to help you save money and get free stuff. Check out our resource directory at Get Help Map and our additional resources at You can also subscribe to us on YouTube for urgent low income news and announcements!

Will Get Help Map or Low Income Relief give me money?

Unfortunately, no. Low Income Relief and Get Help Map will help you find resources that can help you with specific needs but we do not distribute money ourselves. We are an information service only.

Will Get Help Map or Low Income Relief contact me directly?

We send automated weekly emails and text messages to people who subscribe to Low Income Relief. However, we do not make phone calls or send direct messages.
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